Turnkey Project

Our design OD provides you the complete project phase:

  • Concept of the product – SRS and CDR
  • Hardware design.
    • Digital circuit design
    • Analog circuit design
    • High speed board design
    • Power circuit and charger design


  • wireless radio circuit design for ISM point to point and  mesh network


  • software design

Design with controller like ARM, MSP430 T.I, ST .

  • mechanical design include :
  • Modeling,
  • Plastic design prepare for mold,
  • Encloser metal design
  • EMC protection
  • Layout design
  • Board design
  • Manufacture first prototype small and big volume
  • Prepare all engineering document.
  • Design Gig tester for PCB.
  • Validation and environmental and transporting tests.

EMC FCC UL tests

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