SAR-3X series is a remote Mesh unit radio device, with Mesh topology with 2.4 GHz.


  1. Reading any PULSE meter in the market support ANSI meters and PIMA meter and ABNT meters.
  2. Support communication interface of RS232/ RS485.
  3. Door alarm control.
  4. Device communications fail indication.
  5. 2 x SSR of 1A + 1 SSR of 16A. To connect and disconnect LOAD device.
  6. Temperature sensor.
  7. 1 input A/D, to read analog sensors.
  8. 12V power output to control external device include dimming 0 -10 volts.
  9. 3 x AC/DC line inputs – to monitor high voltage lines.
  10. alarms indication: communication meter fail .relay bypass , relay fail, battery fail, power fail , sensor alarm, temp alarm



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