SAR WEB CENTER provides utilities, with the software SAR WEB CENTER ,a  Smart Grid architecture required to provide both consumer-choice and utility-controlled demand-side management programs.

The SAR WEB CENTER solutions offers an open architecture with a (Simple Object Access Protocol) API to permit seamless integration with existing utility applications. With OD WEB CENTER a utility can invest in a single network with a single software suite at the head-end to manage demand across multiple dimensions.

  • SAR WEB CENTER solutions enable utilities to distribute real-time energy information directly from residences and businesses. Via the WEB CENTER Communications system, consumers can see current demand and consumption information from their own electric meters, as well as pricing information from utilities.
  • SAR WEB CENTER solutions make it easy to roll out meters log information and history. see group losses in water and electricity field. Consumers can conserve energy during events that are either scheduled or initiated on a peak-load basis.
  • SAR WEB CENTER solutions gives with real time, email and SMS, to any alarm accurse in the device in the network.
  • SAR WEB CENTER solutions lets utilities directly control electric usage during peak demand periods. Consumers who sign up for demand-side management programs agree to allow their utility to turn off or cycle high energy-use appliances like pool pumps and central air conditioning in the summer, or water heaters and electric heating in the winter.

SAR WEB CENTER solutions provide option to prepaid system built in , enable to cut energy automatically to consumer who finish credit or didn’t pay on time

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