Our RF solution

Radio Frequency RF) is the ultimate way to communicate between the Concentrator and the nodes.

For that purpose SAR WIRELESS . has developed an advanced RF ISM and mesh network mix network working together  This network uses low power transceivers, it is easy to install and it is very reliable.

SAR RF system is based on a special network protocol that is implemented on each node making it the reliable, efficient and secured.

SAR network features are:

  • Full integration with the  node application including network redundancy
  • Secure networking with a preprogrammed fail safe operation
  • System is not limited to the number of hops, each unit is a repeater
  • Dynamic routing mechanisms to fit specific RF conditions and limitations
  • Support simultaneously running in two or more independent networks
  • Support Unlimited number of devices in a malty-frequencies networks
  • Extra low power consumption:
  • Running on license-free ISM 2.4 GHz,and 915 MHZ ISM
  • Range up to 4000 m per hop for 2.4G and 25Km for 915Mhz.
  • Compliance with all relevant international standards

SAR WIRELESS offers various RF modules with comprehensive answers to many electrical standards in the indoor and outdoor environment.

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